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We all have a desire to connect with one another. When we see suffering, pain, and a need for change, we often look for ways we can help. One of the most common approaches to this desire is through charitable donations. Whether to a small, local organization or a global non-profit, donating to charities is a popular practice because it provides a host of benefits on an individual, communal, and societal scale.


Helping Others

Wanting to help others and reduce suffering is a common goal, but when it comes to helping people we don’t necessarily know, the process becomes complex. Donating to charities that are geared toward alleviating suffering and supporting those in need can provide aid to organizations with more resources, connections, and established procedures or programs than the average individual might have. In short, donating to charity often means making a bigger impact than one person alone could make.


Low Cost, Big Difference

One of the best things about charitable donations is that nearly everyone can contribute one way or another. While larger donations are certainly appreciated, donors recognize that even a few dollars can go toward securing wholesale food at lower costs or mosquito nets (which usually cost about $3) to protect vulnerable individuals from diseases. Donating goods such as clothing, furniture, and other household items can also benefit those in need. Improving the lives of others can come at a low cost to donors, and this makes donors more eager to contribute to worthy causes.


Peace of Mind

Constant awareness of how much chaos and despair exists in the world can cause significant stress and depression. Contributing to charities can not only provide direct aid to those in need, it can also grant donors peace of mind. They may recognize that their donations have been used to secure food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, or education for children who might otherwise go without, and these thoughts can bring great comfort to the empathetic and compassionate individuals who want to make a difference.


Being Part of Something Bigger

Donors have a strong desire to join in the work that’s making their community a better place. Donating to a worthy cause allows people to help others more than they would be able to on their own, and many people feel that they’re making a real difference. 

Giving to charity is an act driven by emotion. People connect to stories more than statistics or vague mission statements. Everyone wants to be part of something personal, and philanthropy is a great way to join others in doing good work.